Let's be the pride of Europe!

Pulse of Europe celebrates diversity

The European Union was founded on the ideals of a free and open society. But in times of increasing nationalism, these values are being questioned more and more openly and profoundly.

Pulse of Europe wants to draw the attention of the general European public to the extent to which the human rights of minorities such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexuals (LGBTIs) have been violated in Eastern and Southern Europe, and what this means for the European society as a whole. We would like to make it clear: Europe is the guarantor of LGBTI’s personal freedom. It is worth it to stand up for Europe.

This is why we are planning the “Pulse of Europe – Pride Campaign 2020” for the coming year. We will inform you here in good time. In advance you can sign up for our project-related Pride Newsletter (here).

If you want to support our campaign actively (financially or through active contributions), if you want to work with us as a network, if you have concrete questions about the project, or if you are just looking for our European Rainbow Flag, please contact us directly at pride@pulseofeurope.eu

Vor Ort mitmachen

Kommt, packt Europafahnen und blaue Bänder ein, bringt Freunde und Freundinnen und Familie mit, motiviert Kollegen und Kolleginnen und Bekannte! Auch in Deiner Nähe!

Deine Spende hilft

Dank Deiner Unterstützung kann Pulse of Europe weiter wachsen und ein echtes Zeichen für die Zukunft von Europa setzen.

Gleich weitersagen

Hilf uns die europäische Idee zu teilen und noch mehr Menschen für Pulse of Europe zu aktivieren. Let’s be the Pulse of Europe!