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The Project

18 freelance illustrators put their enthusiasm, ideas and concerns about Europe into art works and donate the 20 originals to Pulse of Europe for auction for our work. Markus Weber, Moritz Verlag Frankfurt am Main, had the generous idea.

Europe concerns everyone, everyone can participate in Pulse of Europe and so more has come of it: the works are now on an exhibition tour through major European cities. Thanks to all involved!

Tour dates

Berlin: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: November – December 2017 | Visit the Website: Click here

London: Institut Français: 20 April – 11 May 2018 | Visit the website: Click here

Paris: Goethe-Institut: 26 May 2018 – 13 July 2018. | Visit the website: Click here


Press & media coverage

The Guardian

Projects on Drawing for Europe: Goethe Institut Nancy

The Illustrations

Europäische Träume: Kristina Andres

“I see Europe as a great feat. Just like juggling, you have to practice a lot to make it work.”

Lot: 1 (22 x 17 cm)

Let’s put the people first – Stephanie Blake

“There are too many blah-blahs in Europe. Culture, books and education are important for the future, not banks, money and borders.”

Lot: 2 (42 x 30 cm)

Let’s stick together! – Patrick George

“The balloon represents what we British have. No one should be allowed to have it but us. And now, after this nonsense referendum, we are looking forward to an uncertain future.”

Lot: 3 (42 x 30 cm)

Europa, skeptisch – Jutta Bauer

“For me, the bull is a symbol of lobbying, which has abducted the sceptical Europe. Europe would be better if it were more feminine.”

Lot: 4 (21 x 28 cm)

Killiock prend soin de l’Europe – Anne Brouillard

Lot: 5 (25 x 32 cm)

Europas Jungbrunnen – Antje Damm

“I hope that the door to Europe will be open, especially to the people, so that new ideas can come to us with them. Together we can achieve a lot.”

Lot: 6 (14 x 8 x 6 cm)

Bienvenue en Europe, Akim! – Claude K. Dubois

“Akim is the emblem of a child in search of peace, hope, respect for each other and the meaning of Democracy.”

Lot: 7 (15 x 21 cm)

without title – Claude K. Dubois

Lot: 8 (15 x 14 cm)

¡Viva Europa! – Katja Gehrmann

“For me, the fact that so many different cultures live in such a small area in Europe and that we are now able to move and exchange so freely in this area is a great enrichment: different landscapes, different food, different ways of looking at things, different customs. This is fun and you can learn a lot from each other.”

Lot: 9 (32 x 44 cm)

Lena als Europa mit dem Stier – Susanne Göhlich

“I simply reversed the myth of Europe and the bull. For me, Europe is the one who leads the bull and shows it what it is all about. A little girl who is still naive and courageous.”

Lot: 10 (29 x 21 cm)

Europa geht baden – Ole Könnecke

“It was not easy to draw a positive propaganda piece on Europe, I had only bad ideas at first – and the naked Europe I thought I could not deliver. Then I found a bird’s feather and carved it and drew it. So it was somehow okay to draw a naked Europe. What the bird has seen during its flight over the continent…”

Lot: 11 (31 x 40 cm)

Europa bedeutet die Überwindung von Teilung und Trennung – Thomas Müller

“The unification of Europe means overcoming division and separation. Walls, fences and barbed wire disappeared. Terrifying: Now they are being rebuilt. A betrayal of Europe! Every effort, effort and sacrifice will only be worthwhile if Europe remains a humane project.”

Lot: 12 (21 x 30 cm)

Europa – ein Ratespiel – Sabine Lohf

“Europe is beautiful and diverse. I tried to show it in the little pictures. For me, all countries are Europe, geographically speaking – not just the EU countries.”

Lot: 13 (42 x 30 cm)

Jouer in Europe – Edouard Manceau

“It is the children who are Europe’s future. In addition to reading, writing and mathematics, they should also learn to play – as I have done here with the letters E U R O O P E. This is an important prerequisite for living together.”

Lot: 14 (42 x 30 cm)

Europa / Im Paradiesgärtlein – Jörg Mühle

“It would have been easier to make something to Drumpf than to Europe is beautiful. On the way to my own garden, I remembered the European Garden of Paradise – which must be cultivated.”

Lot: 15 (31 x 24 cm)

Und welche Verbindungen haben Sie zu Europa? – Andreas Német

“Everyone can draw a personal diagram of any kind of connections (professional, family, love, sport, etc.) that he has to the countries and people of Europe. That would result in a different pattern for each of us. But it is not the pattern that is important, but thinking about how I am personally connected with Europe in order to make such an identification conscious. 28 countries, connect yourself!”

Lot: 16 (28 x 28 cm)

Wei(s)se MEUse für Europa – Axel Scheffler

Lot: 17 (14 x 9 cm)

Without title – Axel Scheffler

“After an experience in Edinburgh (Scotland), I thought it was time for a European heraldic animal. There, the consulates of some European countries were decorated with flags – including those of the EU. When I spoke to my companion about it, she said that this was very nice, but what does the blue flag with the yellow stars stand for?”

Lot: 18 (30 x 21 cm)

without title - Thé Tjong-Khing

The European Union is a balancing act. My image is rather sarcastic, it is only a dream that everyone works together. It is very difficult that it actually works.

Lot: 19 (30 x 23 cm)

Without title - Sabine Lohf

Lot: 20 (52 x 42 cm)

Europe in a Tree – Bridget Strevens Marzo

“My younger self is watching all those stars climbing, struggling or swinging in the tree. I feel left out, like I did as a child moving to a new school.”

Lot: 21 (42 x 30 cm)

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