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Dear pro-European people in the district of Höxter,
an eventful year is slowly coming to an end and Christmas peace is spreading in our country. If we look at Ukraine, we become sad and angry at the same time. It is becoming clear that there will be no Christmas peace there. The Russian aggressor will stop at nothing. We did not expect a war in Europe in the 21st century.
We do not understand it, although Russia is a signatory of the Charter of the United Nations and has committed itself to the maintenance of international peace and security.
It is not to be understood by us that Russia does not accept the central principles of the UN Charter with its enshrined objectives:
- Peaceful settlement of all disputes,
- renunciation of the use of force,
- respect for the equality and national sovereignty of all states,
- promotion of friendly cooperation for the maintenance of peace,
- Promotion of international cooperation to solve economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems,
- respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms regardless of race, sex, language or religion. (Source: Federal Agency for Civic Education, 2010,
tramples on.
It cannot be understood by us that Russia is wantonly, aggressively and without consideration destroying the vital infrastructure in Ukraine and thereby depriving the people of Ukraine of heat, electricity and water. It is especially the children and old people of Ukraine who suffer.
We cannot understand that Russia has started a brutal and inhuman war in Europe on February 24, 2022 and wants to win it by force.
We from Pulse of Europe in the district of Höxter, have sung the national anthem of Ukraine on Sunday, February 27, 2022 in Brakel on the market square with more than 250 people and many Ukrainians.

"Glory and freedom have not yet died for Ukraine,
nor, young Ukrainians, will fate smile upon us.
Our enemies will disappear like dew in the sun,
and we too, brothers, will be masters in our own land".

Today we admire the courage and pride of Ukrainians. Hopefully it will not be broken.
On 05.04.2022 we again held a solidarity rally Ukraine with Elmar Brok in Brakel. About 200 present citizens listened to Elmar Brok, who shouted eloquently and with a strong voice to us: "If Putin and his army are successful, the next victims should be the Baltic States and Poland. Putin continues". (Source: WB:14.04.2022)
Pulse of Europe wants to make the pulse beat of Europe visible. For this purpose we have finished a nice project in 2022. Under the patronage of the district director Klaus Schumacher the project: "Draw(ing) for Europe" Europe put into the picture - united in diversity was finished with a vernissage and award ceremony in the town hall of Bad Driburg. A catalog of the students' exhibits was distributed by Pulse of Europe to all participating students.
The project received a very high appreciation by the inclusion of an article in the yearbook 2023 of the district Höxter. On pages 152 to 157 illustrated by photos the project is described once again. At this point, a heartfelt thank you is once again expressed to all participants.
Outlook: In 2023, we do not want to tire of standing up for the idea of a united Europe. We are aware that an active European civil society is essential for the preservation and further development of the European idea and its achievements. We will do our part to ensure that tomorrow there will still be a united and democratic Europe - a Europe in which respect for human dignity, the rule of law as well as free thinking and action, solidarity, tolerance and respect are self-evident foundations of the community!
On behalf of the Pulse of Europe activists in the Höxter district, we wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a healthy transition into 2023.
Let us continue to make the European pulse tangible in 2023!

Rainer Pauli
for the initiative Pulse of Europe e.V. - Brakel