BTC donations

We use our donations to finance our office and, above all, campaigns and activities FOR democracy, peace and freedom.

We do not accept anonymous donations of €150 or more. Find out more in our FAQ.


We take a long-term view of our work. Our goal of involving citizens more in European politics and positively influencing the development of Europe is a marathon. We also have a responsibility to ensure that our movement, the energy, the donations and the work of all our supporters that have flowed into our campaigns to date remain sustainable. That’s why we want to open up as many avenues as possible for donations. Younger generations in particular are using more and more cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We have made a conscious decision to embrace technological innovations, to use them, to help shape them and to be a part of them – and not to lag behind at some point.

As a non-profit organization, we do not want to speculate with our donors’ money. We therefore do not treat the Bitcoin donations sent to us as an investment, but convert them as quickly as possible – with a view to reasonable expenditure.

In Germany, Bitcoin donations are considered to be donations in kind; in this case, Bitcoin is not treated as a currency, but as an item that you donate. After the donation (if desired) you will receive a donation receipt for the equivalent value in euros at the time of the donation. If you would like a donation receipt, you can send us your address details during the donation process.

We are accountable to our donors – both in terms of expenditure and the origin of our donations. We take great care to remain independent – our work is consciously based on the support of many donors rather than a few large donors. It is also important to us that we do not receive our donations from institutions or individuals who act contrary to our European and liberal values. Of course, we can never trace the origin of all our donations 100 percent. However, we can try as best we can by keeping the proportion of anonymous donations low. We owe this to our supporters, who make our work possible and who rely on our independent and transparent work.