Let's be the Pulse of Europe!

We become active and go into the streets

“Every 1st Sunday of the month is Pulse of Europe Day!” At the same time, we meet everywhere in Europe and set visible and audible signs for the future of a united Europe, for democracy, the rule of law and peace. In just a few weeks, it was possible to mobilize tens of thousands of pro-Europeans to join in demonstrations and rallies and attract the attention of politicians and the media. At our Sunday demonstrations, a positive and lively environement among all generations is regularly created.  They have become places where political will and opinion on Europe has arisen. In many European locations Pulse of Europe is not only present on the streets and squares through its monthly Sunday rallies, but also through special events. Become part of the Pulse of Europe movement in a city close to you.

We demand commitment – of all.

Democracy is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Indispensable at the voting box but also beyond that! We believe it is more important than ever to talk to each other and we want to revive and intensify the political discourse. At the same time, we are calling on all political parties to highlight the importance of a united Europe and to address it as the urgent issue that it is.  National interests always impact the interests of the community and must be treated as such. A sustained and speedy development and design process is needed to make a united Europe viable. We view the involvement in this process as an obligation for all political and social actors.

We are Europe activists

The European Union is not perfect. We raise problems, draw attention to grievances, confront the leaders with mistakes and inadequacies and demand changes and reforms. The freedom to do so springs from our political independence from parties, offices and lobbyists. We pursue our goals through special activities and campaigns, through public relations, demonstrations and rallies.

We are promoting a European civil society

A united Europe needs as its foundation a genuine European community, a European civil society, carried by mutual solidarity, connectedness and mutual genuine interest. It is about a European identity. We are faced with the great task of becoming European citizens and learning to think in a European way and becoming part of this larger entity despite our differences of opinion, cultural background, desires and concerns. We seek unity and diversity! Such a broad social cohesion requires more than institutions and rules and more than smart ideas on how to improve both. This is only the necessary basic framework. Europe needs a heart and a soul. The path to both of these are our emotions. Europe must inspire joy again! It is precisely this joy and emotion that Pulse of Europe wants to kindle.

Become active and join a Pulse of Europe group near you.

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We hope that many more places will be added soon! Join us! Pack your European flags and blue ribbons, bring your friends and family and motivate your colleagues and acquaintances to come along!