1. Europe must not fail

The European Union is at risk of disintegrating when all of those to whom Europe is important or at the very least profit therefrom do not become more active and at least vote in elections. The coming years are of existential importance. Europe’s survival is at stake!

2. The threat to peace

The European Union was and is primarily a union to assure peace. Whoever wishes to live in peace must work to ensure the European civil society remains strong.

3. We are responsible

Every single one of us is responsible for the failure or success of our future. No one should make excuses. To assume that things will somehow sort themselves out is highly dangerous. Europe needs every single one of us right now.  All members of society have the duty to become active and oppose destructive and backward-looking tendencies. Democracy tends not to fail because of who opposes but much rather through the idleness of its supporters. Europe must not be divided.

4. Get up and vote

Let’s make the European idea visible and audible again. Give Europe-friendly parties your vote, exclusively. We are convinced that the number of people who are positively disposed towards the European idea is much greater than that of the Anti-Europeans. We must however increase the volume so that our voice is heard and our convictions pervade. We wish to wake up the silent majority.

5. European fundamental rights and the rule of law are inviolable

In some parts of Europe, we can already witness the constraint of certain individual freedoms and this must be opposed.  The separation of powers and the rule of law must be guaranteed in all of Europe. Government actions must only continue on the basis of properly executed laws. Independent courts and the free press must be permitted to continue carrying out their supervisory function.

6. European fundamental freedoms are not negotiable

Free movement of persons, goods, money-transfers and services – basic European freedoms – are historic achievements, which made a community out of national states. They ensure individual freedom and prosperity. A reduction in basic freedoms would have dramatic economic and personal consequences. Only by preserving the totality of basic freedoms can the continued assurance of rights and duties be guaranteed. Special arrangements and exceptions may lead to an erosion of the whole.

7. Reforms are necessary

Europe must be preserved so that it can be further improved. Reversely, when the EU fails to reform itself it will not survive. European interests must take precedence over national interests. Whoever chooses to exit the Union will consequently have no part in shaping it. The European idea must become comprehensible and citizen oriented again and should be accepted by a majority its citizens from bottom up.  Any divisions among its populations, including the gap between rich and poor, must be counteracted.

8. Take mistrust seriously

The European Union is not self-serving. Its aim is to find solutions to problems, which are genuinely important to everybody. There must be a focus on the pressing challenges of our time.  Doubts about the European Union must be heard and ways found to address them, so that anxieties can be transformed into optimism. Europe should inspire joyousness once again.

9. Diversity and joint qualities

Diversity within Europe is fantastic. Helping to preserve regional and national identities must be an integral part of the European agend. There is so much that unites us as Europeans. Diversity and commonalities are not a contradiction and no one should have to choose between a regional, national and European identity. Language education is of the utmost importance and should be intensified so that we may all better understand each other.

10. We all can, and should be a part of it

Pulse of Europe is a nonpolitical and nondenominational citizens movement for a European civil society.  Everyone who accepts the basic idea of Europe can become a European activist. The European pulse needs to be felt again.

Let’s be the Pulse of Europe!