Become active

Become active and join us! There are many ways to contribute:

Come on, grab your European flag and blue ribbons, bring your friends and family, and motivate your colleagues. Become active and join Pulse of Europe close to you!

Help us spread the word and activate more people to join our civil movement. Let’s be the Pulse of Europe!

We want to speak up and stand up for the future of Europe. Whenever Europe needs us we are on the streets to set a sign!

Thanks to your donation Pulse of Europe can continue to grow and to set positive signs for the future of Europe. Pulse of Europe is funded by donations only.

Translations – help us to translate our website and other content into all European languages. If you have experience in translating and want to help, contact us!

What is your special skill? Get in touch and let us know how you can help best. If you want to get active in your area, please contact the PoE team close to you.

There is no Pulse of Europe in your city yet and you want to change that? Contact us and initiate Pulse of Europe in your city. You will receive support and guidance. We also connect you with other people who are interested. We hope that many more places can be added soon!