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Aktivities of PoE Worms

On Monday, November 26th at 19.00h will be an open meeting of PoE Worms in Weinhaus Weiß, Färbergasse 19, 67547 Worms.

Everybody interested is invited to take part.

Cooperation with Schools in Worms is our most important momentary activity.

So we had two presentations of PoE on the 26th of September with 350 Students at Rudi Stephan Gymnasium as part of the European Languages Day 2018.

We intend to cooperate with different other schools in our town as soon as possible. Part of it should be an event presenting several candidates for European elections in the end of May 2019.

The organisation of homeparliaments will be continued in Worms during the next months. Our hope is to convince some teachers encouraging their students in social studies to organize own "course-parliaments".

From February/March 2019 we will have PoE-information-stands on one Saturday per months concerned with European-Elections in May 2019.

More information we will give in our local print medias, via facebook on our local website "www.werkstatt-schule.de" .

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