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Every first Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm

Every first Sunday we are visible on the streets of Europe!

In Dornstetten at 6:00 pm on the Marktplatz.

Thomas Hentschel MdL am 02/03/2019 in Dornstetten Marktplatz/Foyer Rathaus

in 72280 Dornstetten
2019 planned - in the run-up to the Local election and European elections
03.02.2019 Thomas Hentschel, MdL, Bürgergespräch citizen talk
17.04.2019 Lecture and discussion
                         Hans-Jürgen Zahorka, Chief Editor, European Union Foreign Affairs Journal
                         LIBERTAS European Institute GmbH
                        European elections 2019:
                        What is at stake for Germany's position in the world?
15.05.2019 Lecture and discussion
                        Daniel Frey, Mayor a.D., Member of the European Commission Team Europe Member of the European Union Board of Directors
                        The EU of the Citizens: Europe in the Communities, Participation a. mobility

 candidates women in the Kreistag citizen talk

26.05.2019 election evening meeting
02.06.2019 Elections Review Municipal / Europe

what we still intend
VCP Scout
Candidates for local elections
house parliaments
House parliaments with pupils


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