Würopa Forums

Dear friends of Europe, dear people interested in Europe,

Würzburg celebrates 50 years of being a European city this year!

In line with this, we organize Würopa forums, small citizens' forums, where we discuss current European issues with you and all other people with an interest in them.

Come by and exchange ideas with other Europe enthusiasts as well!
The most important facts and arguments of the evening will be collected and handed over to the city of Würzburg.

Several dates are currently planned - always on the second Thursday of the month at 19:00;
The venue is the Theater Chambinzky:

09.02.23 : Europe and the Ukraine conflict. What is Europe doing and what should Europe do?
09.03.23 : Environment and Europe. What is Europe doing and what should Europe do?
13.04.23 : Migration and Europe. Facts and what Europe should do.

Further dates and topics are still being planned.

What to expect:
We will introduce the evening together with the respective topic and collect common facts, arguments and wishes that we want to pass on.
Afterwards, we will exchange our personal experiences about Europe in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Check it out!

Pulse of Europe Würzburg: A citizens' initiative made up of critical Europe enthusiasts.

Let's be the PulseofEurope!!!