PoE Offenburg - Review and Outlook

2017 and 2018:
In March 2017, the Offenburg group of Pulse of Europe was founded and went public in Pulse of Europe's very own form:
With demonstrations every Sunday.
This was to give a clear answer to the Monday demos of the right-wing extremists of Pegida and others: We are the majority and we have the better arguments!

In preparation for the European election, we mobilized all forces. We have created a "May calendar", which means that we and like-minded groups were every day in May until the election with an action in public.

The year was marked by Corona Pandemic and Lockdown. This meant that we had to cancel a number of planned actions.
On Europe Day, May 9, 2020, Europe celebrated its 70th birthday. On this day we could not stay at home and joined the call of various pro-European groups to show our solidarity at the Rhine bridges with our French neighbors, from whom we were suddenly separated by a border closure.

2021 was also characterized by the Corona pandemic and lockdowns. Public actions were still only possible to a limited extent.
On Europe Day, PoE had initiated a Europe-wide action to hang the Rainbow Europe Flag on as many European town halls as possible. The city of Offenburg followed our request and hoisted the Rainbow Flag in front of the city hall during the first two weeks of May. We showed appropriate presence in front of it - of course measured with distance with European flags.

The world is shocked by Russian President Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine, his illegitimate assault on the territorial integrity of a sovereign European state. As a sign of cohesion, solidarity, determination and for a defensible democracy, we took to the streets again. From the beginning of March until Easter there were again Sunday demonstrations with a lot of participation, also from Ukrainian refugees.

2023 and Outlook:
Our team, which has become smaller and smaller over the years, has exhausted itself and is now in standby mode. How it continues is open, in the fall we want to think in any case, what we can do in the European election year 2024.
We wish above all to motivate and inspire young people who bring fresh wind with new energy and new ideas! Get in touch with us!