Welcome to the page of the Munich Cities Team!

Dear Friends of Europe,

Here comes our last newsletter this year! And we would like to close the year with an appeal to you!

Pulse of Europe Munich needs you!

Born out of the desire to counter destructive forces like Pegida, Degida and Co., Pulse of Europe has made a huge contribution to making Europe more visible and getting people excited about Europe since its founding in 2016.

In Munich, we succeeded in bringing Europe enthusiasts to Max-Joseph-Platz in events that started out weekly and later became monthly, and to set a sign for Europe's unity and diversity. We are very grateful for your support at our events. The Corona pandemic slowed us down a bit, but with Russia's invasion of Ukraine we were able to show that we can still very quickly stir up a lot of people again and bring them onto the streets.

Most of us, the core team of Pulse Munich, have been there for many years. It is always great when you support us at our events with your presence. We are still happy to receive encouragement from you by mail etc..

What we urgently need, however, are new faces, new ideas, new perspectives.

Democracy lives from participation. Europe lives from participation, Pulse of Europe lives from participation. Especially now, when reactionary ideas are becoming acceptable again and democracy and the European project are threatened by various groups, it is more important than ever to raise our voice for Europe, its freedom of speech, democracy and its diversity.

Therefore: Bring in yourselves and your enthusiasm for Europe! Help us to plan new actions, inspire your friends and acquaintances. Help us to keep Pulse of Europe Munich alive and to develop it further.