One year of war in Ukraine: Europe quo vadis?

February 24 marks the anniversary of the day Putin invaded Ukraine. This war not only inflicted endless suffering on the Ukrainian people, it also dramatically changed European stability and order: Old certainties and self-understandings no longer apply.

Karolina Wigura, professor at the University of Warsaw & Berlin and member of the European Council on Foreign Relations will speak at the start of our rally:
What triggered the war of aggression on Ukraine? What does it mean for Europe's security, economy, energy supply and for social cohesion?
How can/must Europe respond?

What was discussed and decided at the Munich Security Conference, which ended on February 19?

Jamila Schäfer, member of the Bundestag for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, and Frédéric Petit, French member of the Assemblée nationale , are both attending the security conference and will join us on the square directly after it ends at 2 p.m. to report .

The war in Ukraine has also made it clear to Pulse of Europe: We must do more than send a signal! We have to make concrete demands to the politicians! We want to present these to you on 19.02.

Let's be the Pulse of Europe!