A New Year with Great Challenges

First of all we would like to wish you the best for 2023

The crises of the past year will continue to occupy us in 2023, and old unresolved issues must also finally be resolved.

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine has led to many Ukrainian people leaving their homes and seeking refuge in neighboring countries. President Erdogan is waging war against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. In Iran, people demonstrating for their freedom are being executed; in the global south, famine is worsening as a result of Russia's war of aggression; in Afghanistan, women's rights are being trampled. These events are causing more and more people to try to come to Europe in order to be able to live here peacefully. But it is precisely the disagreement that has existed in the EU for years on the subject of migration that is preventing regulated immigration. On the Polish-Belarusian border, people are being used as weapons by the Belarusian government and prevented from crossing the border by force on the Polish side. The new right-wing government in Italy is denying sea rescuers entry into its ports. In Greece people are driven back into the sea by push-backs. People's deaths are being condoned and sea rescuers who save people from drowning on their dangerous journey across the sea are being put on trial. The EU is proud of its values, but disregards human rights and adequate forms of humanitarian aid.
The EU must finally work out common solutions that guarantee the protection of all asylum seekers and establish humane accommodations in the countries of arrival. The Dublin Agreement must also be put to the test.

The environmental and climate catastrophe is progressing and the energy crisis caused by the Russian war of aggression has contributed to this problem being pushed into the background in the public eye. Measures taken because of this are a further burden on the environment and climate. Environmental disasters such as forest fires, storms, drought and flooding are becoming more frequent. Countries like Pakistan with low CO2 emissions are the most affected and are left alone to deal with the consequences. Young people who fear for their future and their lives on our planet are desperately drawing attention to this with sometimes controversial actions.

The EU has set itself ambitious goals with the #GreenDeal. A massive European investment program that enables the EU states to implement the defined goals is urgently needed. The problem areas such as agriculture, food production, biodiversity and ecosystems, environmental pollution, the handling of nuclear waste, and the necessary change in transport also require immediate action.

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