A challenging year comes to an end

Once again, a year marked by crises is coming to an end and a difficult winter is just around the corner.

We are experiencing a war in the middle of Europe with significant impact on our personal lives, Europeans, European economies and also lead to famine in the global south. Ukrainians are in a winter without sufficient electricity, water and heat supply and have to cope with a humanitarian disaster.

These challenges challenge the EU and it has rarely shown such cohesion and also speed in decision-making as in the past year. Around the world, democratic countries have come closer together and shown strength.

For the New Year, we from Pulse of Europe have decided to become more active again - also with demands - and are in the preparation for it. Europe will need your and our support and we will need Europe to overcome all current crises and catastrophes, also for the future of the young generation.

It still applies: Your opinion counts!

But now we should also use the quiet time to be with our loved ones and get a little distance from our worries.
We would like to thank all our donors who help us to be active for our Europe. Please: if you have not received a donation receipt by the end of February, please send us a short e-mail:
Donations up to 200€ can be tax deductible without a receipt.

We wish you
the best for the New Year

Your Orga-Team