PoE Düsseldorf: Review 2022

PoE Düsseldorf was not always on the streets last year, but on crucial days. --- Directly after the invasion of Ukraine we could realize a big rally, with MEPs, the mayor, many Ukrainians and #freerussia. #slavaukraini --- In summer we support the solidarity march for Ukraine initiated by WAE. --- But the highlight and final point was the event on #noVeto with the visit of the MEPs Daniel Freund, B90/Gr and Moritz Körner, SPD and Dr. Berger, CDU.

We have cooperated with other pro-European groups, with "WAE-We are Europe" and "JEF-Young European Federalists" to join forces. It is still difficult to bring people together and motivate them, especially in the face of multiple crises. The team has exhausted itself and is now on winter break.

How it continues is currently open, we are looking for new rested comrades-in-arms.
Above all, we would like to motivate and activate young people.
It would be time for younger people to take over and bring fresh wind into the cause with new energy and new ideas!

Let's be the Pulse of Europe!