Rally on 26.02.23 at 17:30 on the market place in Brakel

Call for a district-wide rally at the market place in Brakel on 26.02.2023

Peace is not a law of nature! Therefore, we want to set a sign of cohesion, solidarity with Ukraine and determination for a defensible democracy in Europe. Pulse of Europe in the district of Höxter would like to draw your/your attention to a planned rally.
Date: 26.02.2023
Time: 17:30 clock to 18:30 clock
Place : Brakel, market place
The rally, which is organized in cooperation with the Municipal Integration Management in Brakel, has the motto: "Solidarity with Ukraine" and "Donate warmth".
On 24.02.2022, 365 days ago, the war in Ukraine, for which President Putin is responsible, began. The war in Ukraine is an attack and invasion of a sovereign neighboring state of Russia, which can not be justified with anything, in violation of international law. Ukraine, a democratic state with much of its own culture and a civil society that unexpectedly stands together strongly, is being invaded by Russia for reasons of power politics and is to be destroyed. Many people have died on both sides since the 365 days. We want to set a sign of solidarity with Ukrainians through the planned rally and show that Europe will not leave them alone. With candles we want to set a light sign on the market place in Brakel and think of the many victims of this war.
At the rally Ukrainians who live in the district of Höxter will have their say. With this possibility we set a strong sign of solidarity with Ukraine.
In addition, we want to initiate a fundraising campaign in cooperation with the association "Blau-Gelbes-Kreuz e.V". With the donated money we enable the Blue-Yellow-Cross to provide warming goods for the suffering people in Ukraine.
For monetary donations there is a donation box. However, a donation receipt cannot be issued for this.
Candles will be provided. The rally will end with an Ecumenical Prayer for Peace.