Join us in ensuring that there will continue to be a united Europe in the future. Democratic principles such as respect for human dignity, the rule of law, freedom of thought and action, tolerance and respect must remain the natural foundations of the European community. We stand up for this Europe and we need you to do the same!

Europe - that is all of us

Get involved with us for what is close to your heart: Freedom, peace, solidarity and a sustainable European coexistence. Whether with your participation in rallies, formats, campaigns and with your donation or with your voluntary work in one of our city or project teams - you can make an important personal contribution to protecting Europe and its values.

Be there!


Get involved with us

Whether you just want to help out occasionally at a rally or initiate and implement your own projects, there's plenty of room for your involvement in our city and project groups.

With us you will find like-minded people of all ages who want to make a difference together with you. In loosely organized, regional groups, we set our focus individually according to the skills, wishes and ideas of our activists. Get to know the team in your city or start your own city team if Pulse of Europe does not yet exist in your city. You can get all the information at our office at:

Tel: 0049 - 157 72120988


Help us permanently: Become a supporting member

The most important support for the success of Pulse of Europe are regular donations. They give us planning security and enable us to carry out more complex projects and actions. As a supporting member of Pulse of Europe, you can ensure that we pursue our common goals with staying power and the necessary perseverance for as little as 5 euros a month.

Thanks to your membership, we can
- speak up when Europe is in danger
- inspire people about the value of the European idea
- make Europe more alive with discourse, citizen participation and exchange


Support our work

It is not only the many volunteer activists who make us strong. To be able to campaign effectively and sustainably for fundamental European values, we also need financial resources. From materials for rallies and public actions, to room rentals for events and panel discussions, to nationwide campaigns for voter turnout - we can only carry out many of our activities thanks to the support of donors

Your donation makes our work even more effective.
Help us reach even more people across Europe!


Stay up to date

Stay informed about what's happening at Pulse of Europe. With our newsletter you will receive regular updates from our entire network. Be the first to know about new actions, receive invitations to our events and read reports from our city groups across Europe.

Feel the Pulse of Europe:

We also provide daily updates on our social media channels.