European Elections 2019


Let’s contribute all together to increase the overall voter’s turnout in the upcoming European elections which are decisive for our common European future. Together we will strengthen pro-European forces in the European Parliament.

Europe must not fail. Peace and cohesion are at stake. Fundamental rights and the rule of law must continue to be inviolable. Economic freedom and social responsibility must be always linked.

It’s our responsibility to revive and strengthen the European identity – so that there still will be a united Europe in the future.

Everyone can join  – and should!

European Elections 2019









There are places, views, buildings, fragrances and tastes that give us a special feeling of home and belonging. They are often in front of our doors or in our region. But many things also connect us with Europe: destinations, dishes or simply people who became friends. Local solidarity and a European sense of togetherness are no contradictions – because identity exists on many levels!

Which local characteristics are particularly important to you? Tell about them in the first two lines and connect them to your home Europe! Post your photo testimonial on your social media channels using the hashtags: #VoteEurope and #PulseofEurope and encourage participation by sharing this link:

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Thanks to your donation Pulse of Europe can continue to grow and to set positive signs for the future of Europe. Pulse of Europe is funded by donations only.

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What’s at stake?

Europe must not fail. We are responsible. Everyone can do their part- and must do so.