European Elections 2019

Stand up for Europe!

The next elections to the European Parliament will take place from 23 to 26 May 2019 – in Germany it will be 26 May 2019.

Never before has it been so important to vote for the future of Europe. Because the heart of Europe is at stake: Nationalist and protectionist currents are on the rise. Societies are drifting apart. Basic political values and alliances are in question or are dissolving. Anyone who wants to continue to live in a Europe that is open to the world must stand up for cohesion. Europe must not fail!

With our actions we also want to shake you up. Together we fight for a democratic Europe that holds together – for the freedom of the individual and the peace of all.

European elections 2019








Become active!

Europe must not fail. Peace, peace and cohesion are at stake. Fundamental rights and the rule of law should continue to be inviolable and economic freedom and social responsibility should be combined. We are responsible for invigorating and strengthening the European sense of togetherness, so that in the future there will still be a united Europe.

Everyone can join in – and should do so! Get up, become active, vote!

Get active

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Let’s contribute all together to increase the overall voter’s turnout in the upcoming European elections which are decisive for our common European future. Together we will strengthen pro-European forces in the European Parliament.

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