Occasion donations

a special donation for Europe

Birthday or service anniversary - and you already have everything you need?
Ask your guests, relatives and friends for a donation to Pulse of Europe e.V. as a gift.

This is how you become a PoE action donor:

  • Tell your guests already in the invitation:
  • You want donations to Pulse of Europe instead of gifts.
  • the PoE donation account number DE34 5125 0000 0001 0824 34.
  • Purpose for the bank transfer (e.g. the occasion of the celebration with date and your name) 
  • We will be happy to send your guests a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year - to do this, they must provide their address when making the transfer.
  • Set up a donation box at the party. 
  • In order for us to be able to issue donation receipts, we subsequently require a list of all individual donations received. The name and address of the donors must be indicated for donations that we are to issue receipts for. The rest of the donations can be noted anonymously.
  • Inform Pulse of Europe about your project( and tell us the chosen purpose.
  • Put out Pulse of Europe information flyers for your guests at your party.

More information

You can order flyers from us as information material for your guests: