We want to stand and speak up for the future of Europe! There are so many good reasons to do so. What’s your pulse?

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“Dear people of Europe, I am Jean-Marie Pfaff and I would like to compare Europe with football for you. Playing football alone is boring. There are different players from different countries and lots of competition, but that is not a problem! Also, the diverse cultures are no problem.
We respect each other in Europe. And together we can achieve much more than alone. This is also the case in football.”

“Without Europe I feel naked. Europe is part of our dignity.”

“Ohne Europa fühle ich mich nackt. Europa ist Teil unserer Würde.”

„I do not know if I have many political convictions. One or the other, I definitely have. And one of the most important political convictions I am allowed to boast about is, that European integration is a good thing.

Namely, the greatest achievement of our civilization since the Neandertals moved into the caves. And, it’s something worth defending! For that reason, I enjoy Pulse of Europe, because there you can counter all those who pick on Europe or use it to reach their own goals or use as a politically maneuvering mass. I believe, Europe is worth that we all avow to Europe. Thank you.”

For that reason, I like Pulse of Europe. There you can stand up to all of those who pick on Europe, use it for their own political gain or merely see it as a maneuverable political mass. I believe Europe deserves to be avowed. Thank you.”

“Every can do something for a strong Europe – and I am not getting out of breath so quickly!”

“One single pencil is easy to break, but 28 coloured pencils are incredibly strong…..Sorry, 27.
For a strong, united Europe!”

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